Mum Talks Ask The Experts! Maternal Mindset Coach Jacqueline Kelly

Jacqueline has spoken at a couple of our previous in person events and each time you could hear a pin drop in the room as the mums hung on every word she said and there is a serenity to her voice that made even the babies in the room calm, quiet and pensive!

Watch our chat with Jacqueline here:

Our Brave Hearts was born when Jacqueline began her work of serving mothers like herself, mothers who feel like they’ve lost their identity in the midst of their motherhood.

As a maternal mindset coach, Jacqueline helps mothers redefine who they are now and reclaim, with love, the parts of themselves they have disowned out of guilt and shame. She has spent the last few years challenging the standards of motherhood that we are encouraged to aspire to and in doing this, has redefined what’s possible not just for herself, but for the women she works with.

Jacqueline says, “As a mother of two, my sense of self slowly eroded over time. I knew I wasn’t alone in how I felt, I just didn’t know where to look or who to speak to in order to figure out how to explore the way I was feeling. This has driven me to create the space for other mothers that I had been searching for when I felt like something was missing. ”

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